Friday, June 15, 2012

Having Fun in Dornbirn

In our English lessons we prepared a city guide for young people discovering Dornbirns most interesting places. Here we present the result:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

St-Quentin, a city of sports (France)

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Parc Astérix (France)

The Park Astérix is a theme park based on the world of Astérix (by Goscinny and Uderzo) with a hotel.
The park is near Paris, but in the south of Picardie. Saint-Quentin is 2 hours away from the Park Astérix.
We love going to the Asterix Park because it’s funny and the attractions are beautiful. We particularly love the sensational attractions, which are simply thrilling!
The most sensational attractions are:
Tonnerre de Zeus (thunder of Zeus),
a wooden roller coaster
Transdémonium, a haunted house
filled with special effects

Goudurix (Justforkix) ...    
...a large steel multi-looping coaster      

La Trace du Hourra with cars
that reach 80 km/h
La Galère (a galley) a pirate boat

Oxygénarium, a large, twisting water slide
Menhir express, a Menhir-themed log flume ride
with a 13m high final drop. We finish very wet but it’s
fun, and it’s beautiful when the weather is fine.

Grand splatch, a River Rapids ride

The other attractions include the Via Antiqua, the Roman Empire, Greece, “The Vikings”, “Throughout the time”, Gaul and Egypt (inauguration in 2012). They show places from the different Asterix comics.                                                                                  

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Laser Game (France)

Laser game is a simulation of combat where many people confront one another to win as many points as possible by shooting at the opponents’ chest protectors without touching his team mates. The Games take place in a maze where there are many levels. The equipment of Laser game is 100% laser.
It’s popular because we have fun! The teenagers like adrenalin.
Friendliness guaranteed !!!

Opening times :     Opening/Closing

Tuesday                  5:00PM/10:00PM
Wednesday             2:00PM/10:00PM
Thursday                 5:00PM/10:00PM
Friday                     4:00PM/1:00AM
Saturday                 2:00PM/1:00AM
Sunday                    3:00PM/8:00PM

Opening time during the holidays:

From Monday to Thursday, it’s opening from 3:00 PM to 12:00 PM

Friday                      3:00PM/1:00AM
Sunday                     2:00AM/1:00AM
Saturday                   3:00PM/12:00PM

Place : 285 street Guise 02100 Saint-Quentin

Adventure park of Roisel (France)

A) INTRODUCTION : The Roisel adventure park:

The adventure park of Roisel is in a domain of three hectares in the forest.
It’s open from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm every day on holidays and at the weekend.
It’s funny to go to this park because there are many nice people, in family or with friends.
In this adventure park, there are many activities we can do…

B) The “Escalarbre”:
 We can practice the “escalarbre” where we are climbing trees.

C) ”Balad’Arbre”:
There is also “Balad’Arbre”, it’s a calm walk in trees.

D) The adrenalin run:
It’s a short run in trees with many thrills (there are Tyrolean traverse ropes, rope bridges…).

E) Ariadne’ thread:
The “fil d’Ariane” (Ariadne’s thread) is a run where we must make our way between cables.

F)  Battlefield live:
It’s a battlefield in the forest. The players are equipped with laser guns and shoot at each other. It’s a paintball without bruises!

G)  Paintball:
It’s the original paintball. The players have paintball guns and the game takes place in an arena with many obstacles and hiding places. They shoot at each other: it’s very funny but there are often lesions…

H) Orienteering :
It’s just an orienteering in the forest with riddles.

I) The human table football :
It’s a table football in life-size: it’s quite funny with your friends.

Guillaume Buron, Tristan Lejeune and Sébastien Dumas, 2de 1 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

SQBB (France)

The club was created in 1973.
For the last 2 years, the club has been in Nationale 1 (a French Amateur Basket-Ball League). Before that they have played on a professional level.
Today, the club is in Nationale 1 but they are trying to climb up to Pro B.
At the moment, the club is in second position.   

2)The prize list
SQBB was French champion in NM1 (men national) in 1999 and 2001.

Jimmal Ball is the new recruit. Last year, he played in Pro A (French Professional League).

3)The Matches of Basket-Ball in Saint-Quentin
The matches are played in the Palais des sports of Saint-Quentin (a sporting venue). It costs 3 euro for the Lateral stands, and 5 euro for the central stands.
Matches are played on Fridays or Saturdays at 8.00 PM.

4)The club for teenagers
There are three teams for teenagers aged 14 to 18.
There are a team in French league, a team in regional league and a team in departmental league.
The players are classified according to their level. 

5)The website

By Adrien Ricard, Alexi Piotrowski and Florian Gauguier, 2de 1