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Having Fun in Dornbirn

In our English lessons we prepared a city guide for young people discovering Dornbirns most interesting places. Here we present the result:

The Red House
The Downtown of Dornbirn

The Downtown of Dornbirn has a lot of stores and good restaurants. Beside the city archive and the railway station we have got a few other interesting places like: Inatura, the Kulturhaus, the Red House, the Church, the City Market and the Dornbirner Ache.

The Red House: A red house in the middle of Dornbirn which was originally painted with ox blood. There you can eat very good traditional food; the ice cream is especially famous for its superior taste. It is one of the oldest houses in Dornbirn.
St. Martin's church is right in the centre of Dornbirn. It's really beautiful and even for those who aren't Christians it's worth a visit. It also has great acoustics. If you hear someone sing inside you get a wonderful feeling.
A lot of events take place in the Kulturhaus, like concerts, plays and exhibitions. Behind the Kulturhaus there is also a restaurant with a beautiful park and a playground.
The City market is a small shopping center next to our school. Last year it was renovated and now it has a nice shopping feeling. In the city market there are stores like New Yorker, Deichmann, Libro, and Gigasport. Young people can hang out there and go to the snack bar at the entrance.
Inatura is a museum for natural history and animals, not only preserved but also alive. You can take a tour through the museum, or chill out in the park around the building. There's a playground, a pond, and flowers and other plants everywhere.
Dornbirner Ache: A river flowing through Dornbirn, and also a popular meeting place. There are great places at the Ach for barbecues and hanging out. You can also swim in the Ach in summer.

Bödele in wintertime
Bödele is a very beautiful recre-ation area near Dornbirn. There are many acti-vities to enjoy all year long. In summer, the Bödele is perfect for hiking and wonderful views of the surrounding areas, like Lake Constance and the mountains of Switzerland. There is even a natural high moor, where you can observe little pollywogs and frogs. Or you could take a walk on the shady forest tracks and collect berries and mushrooms. Especially in winter, the Bödele is not to be missed. You can go tobogganing, snow hiking, skiing or just relax in the many hotels and enjoy the sun and the beautiful untouched landscape. With its five lifts, the ski resort is perfect for beginners. If you‘re fed up with skiing or snowboarding, you can visit one of the many beautiful chalets next to the slope and order one of the great traditional Vorarlberg meals, like „Kässpätzle“ or freshly fried „Riebel with applesauce“. There is a good bus connection to get to the Bödele: every half-hour another comfortable bus arrives. From the railway station it takes about 25 minutes to get there. So have a good time, relax, and act out your newly developed love of the stunning countryside of Vorarlberg.


If you feel bored and you want to improve your body, go to Birkenwiese! You can find all different kinds of activities there. It’s up to you to decide whether to play volleyball, soccer, or go jogging. If you prefer, for example, jogging, you can choose between a running circle or a fitness parcour. Often you can watch amazing events, like the World Gynmnaestrada in 2008.
Don’t worry, there is enough space in the bleachers. If you feel hungry, you can enjoy French fried potatoes or chicken nuggets. You can also buy chocolate bars like Snickers, Twix or Mars and cold drinks. The good thing about Birkenwiese is that there is a wide variety of sports facilities, and you  need not pay to get in. If you want to throw outdoor parties like for your birthday, you can book a part of the stadium and have fun there. It is also used for school events, like sport festivals or school attractions. It’s not hard to get to Birkenwiese. It’s easiliy accessible by public transport. But it isn’t the only place where you can exercise.
Stadtbad Dornbirn

Stadtbad Enz

The Stadtbad is an indoor swim-ming pool in the middle of town. It’s in a hall. There you can find two full size pools and two smaller ones. There’s also a water slide and two diving boards. One of them is three meters high and the other one is one meter high. You’re not allowed to jump into the water from the border of the pools because it could be dangerous. But there are some diving blocks you can jump from. There’s also a rule against running. Lifeguards are there to watch over the people swimming. Outside of the swimming pools, there is a place to buy snacks. The Stadtbad also offers a sauna. Now you know what to do the next time it rains!
Waldbad Enz

When the Stadt-bad is closed in summer, the Waldbad Enz is open. There’s one big, yellow water-slide, and it’s much bigger than the one in the Stadtbad. Altogether you can find four swimming pools. In the full size pool, you can stay for hours without getting bored. The Enz also offers an extra pool with two diving boards, like in the Stadtbad. When you’re hungry, go to the restaurant and buy some Kässpätzle - an Austrian speciality. To digest the food you’ve eaten, there are some volleyball courts at the end of the Enz and at the other side there’s a playground. For those who want to relax, there are lawns or flat stones everywhere around the swimming pools to chill. But take care; other people are playing on the lawns.

Messepark/ Messe
The Messepark is a well known shopping center in Vorarlberg. It’s the biggest one and there are 66 shops. It’s located in Dornbirn, next to the fairground and the highway exit Dornbirn-Süd. The Messepark was opened on the 19th of March, 1987. In 1997 and 1998 the Messepark was renovated. Many young people hang out in this mall, it’s a good place to meet and you always find someone you know. There is a 41.000 m2 area but only 19.000 m2 are for the shops. In the year 2005 the earnings were 150 million Euro. Every day there are about 17.000 visitors. Worth to see is also the Messe, a big fair and it’s not to be missed. The Messe takes place twice a year. The Messe was founded in 1949. There are always about 550 issuers. At this convention center there is an indoor skating rink in winter. It’s great fun to visit this place with friends. Next to the Messepark is the Panorama Haus, with 49 meters it is the highest commercial building. The famous architect Bernard Bügelmayer planned the elliptical building already in summer 2002. The Panorama Haus is a hotel which also offers fitness and wellness on 13 floors.

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